Kelley Prowse was an industry analyst at MaRS, providing market intelligence to cleantech and advanced materials entrepreneurs in order to help them grow their businesses.

Kelley hails from Australia, where she previously worked with various government groups on environmental compliance and sustainability. Kelley spent five years working closely with operators of heavy industrial and resource extraction companies to improve their environmental compliance and sustainability. Prior to that, she worked for two years progressing policy and programs, including New South Wales climate change policy, youth environmental activism programs and vapour recovery standards for petrochemical storage. Kelley is a certified ISO 14001 Environmental Auditor and has an educational background in environmental science and engineering.

In her free time in Australia, Kelley volunteered with emergency services to respond to extreme weather events and natural disasters, gaining significant on-the-ground experience in cyclones, floods and storms. She qualified as a floodboat operator as part of the first all-female crew in Queensland and was awarded a National Commendation for her efforts in the 2010-2011 floods. In Toronto, Kelley volunteers with Literature for Life, a group working to improve the literacy skills of marginalized young mothers.