Currently an independent consultant, Dr. Francis provides strategic advisory services in the public sector and to multi-national private sector companies regarding health IT, business transformation, system change, business and product growth strategies and governance. Her extensive public and private sector experience in the technology and healthcare industries spans the international marketplace – Canada, US and Europe. She has held a number of executive positions, including CEO, with public and private companies, as well as held Board director positions for a broad spectrum of companies and organizations, including – insurance (Allstate), retail pharmacy (RxCanada), medical imaging (Merge Technologies), various software start-ups, biotechs (Genyous Life Sciences), colleges and associations. With over 25 years of experience in the public and private health sectors internationally, she brings a unique and comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented to upcoming companies.

Functional Expertise: market analysis, business strategy, business development, go-go-market strategies, partner development, sales

Industry Expertise: health IT, consulting, healthcare suppliers, retail pharmacy