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Tech Developer Adviser






Toronto, ON

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Application Deadline

Monday, September 30

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Position Overview

About Monkiri

Monkiri is a mobile e-learning platform focusing on improving financial literacy and inclusion. Our goal is to empower users to make their own informed financial decisions and provide them with transparent options when they make a selection.  We are a For-Profit Canadian company with our initial target markets in Cambodia and Myanmar. We have partnerships with the UNCDF, Aflatoun International, UNAC, Good Return, several Financial Service Providers and other Financial Inclusion Organizations.  We have just launched our beta at the start of August and are looking to have our full product launch near the end of 2019.

The Position

We are looking for an experienced developer who will be able to to help guide our development team that currently consists of 2 full-time and 1 part-time developers that range from junior to intermediate experience.  Your role will be to help provide guidance on best practices, assist with issues in the code and help with the macro-level dev planning.  This will be a flexible arrangement. We are hoping that you will be able to provide roughly two hours of guidance per week depending on needs.  We are able to offer some compensation and willing to explore how we can make this arrangement mutually beneficial.

Ideal Candidate

  • Our current tech stack consists of React Native, PHP (Laravel), MySQL and AWS. Experience in with these will be a huge asset.
  • Having experience dealing with mobile applications, building databases suitable for multi-language content, and emerging market development would also be awesome.
  • Someone who enjoys the social enterprise model and wants to create a positive impact.
  • Experience in a mentorship type role.

Reason for the Role

Monkiri is a new startup with a passionate team of junior/intermediate developers. We have a non-technical founder and have so far been unable to find a technical co-founder who has the capabilities, passion and financial flexibility that we need at this point.  We are looking for you to become a low touch stand-in until we can find/have the capabilities to bring on a full-time CTO. We would be great if you had some interest to move into this type of role as the company grows, but that is not a requirement.

Application Instructions

Please send over any relevant experience and let us know why you are interested in taking on this role.

How to Apply