Starting out? We can help you get going on the basics.


Legal advice lawyers and legal counsel for your startup

As the founder of a startup, it’s important for you to know when and how to best seek legal advice.


Personal liabilities and fiduciary duties of company directors

Co-founders need a basic understanding of the personal liabilities that the law imposes on a company’s directors.


Incorporating in Ontario: A guide to incorporation for startups

When should founders seek to incorporate their ventures, and what are the principal benefits of incorporation?


General partnership agreement: Sample template

Download a sample template of a general partnership agreement.


Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with investors, partners, customers and patents

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) protect confidential information that start-ups share with potential stakeholders.


Exploring startup partnerships: value, goals, expectations, roles and exits

Learn key strategies for startups and entrepreneurs when considering entering a partnership agreement with a co-founder.


Complying with Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) regulates a broad range of activities including the sending of commercial electronic messages.