For entrepreneurs, the path to success can be gruelling. The hours are long, the risks are high and even with hard work, success is uncertain. Entrepreneurs embrace these challenges, determined to stop at nothing short of breakthrough.

While it can sometimes seem impossible, breakthrough does not need to happen alone.

MaRS is a community of entrepreneurs—a platform to collaborate, discover and commercialize ideas that improve the future of energy, work, education, healthcare and more.

MaRS also provides a range of services and programs to guide entrepreneurs to success—from entrepreneurship education and market intelligence to expert advice and mentorship through our Venture Services offerings. We’re here to help.

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Featured startups and innovators

This video offers a glimpse of some of the brilliant minds at work in our community. Innovators working at the edge of what’s possible, driven to create a better future for us all. Here are some highlights:

John Paul MorganMorgan Solar

Founded in 2007, Morgan Solar develops highly efficient, low-cost solar power technologies that are competitive with traditional sources of energy generation. All of the company’s technologies combine highly innovative non-imaging optics with off-the-shelf manufacturing processes, many of which are borrowed from decades of cost-reduction advancements in the automotive sector.

Featured: John Paul Morgan, Founder and CTO, Morgan Solar

Marta ZacharowskaInteraXon

InteraXon develops engaging experiences using brainwave-sensing technology that frees users from physical, emotional and mental obstacles so they get more out of every moment. InteraXon’s Muse brain-sensing headband detects and measures a user’s brain’s activity during specially developed training sessions. The result is growth and improvement that the user can track on his or her smartphone or tablet.

Featured: Marta Zacharowska, Hardware Developer, InteraXon

Don StewartPlantForm

PlantForm Corporation is dedicated to making life-saving biopharmaceuticals more affordable for patients around the world, increasing access while reducing costs for healthcare providers. The company’s game-changing, plant-based technology platform will cut manufacturing costs for antibody and protein drugs by as much as 90 per cent, compared to industry-standard mammalian-cell systems.

Featured: Don Stewart, President and CEO, PlantForm

Gimmy ChuNanoleaf

Nanoleaf combines planet-friendly technology with people-friendly designs to offer greener products that do not compromise on personal benefit. We make the world’s most energy efficient light bulb, the Nanoleaf One. It’s not only the first light bulb to be folded origami-style into its unique shape, it also contains the most advanced patented technology to ensure the highest energy efficiency. We also make the first dimmable LED bulb that doesn’t need a dimmer. The Nanoleaf Bloom lets you set the perfect mood for all of life’s moments using regular, on/off light switches. Founded in 2012, Nanoleaf is a team of diverse, fun, creative and passionate doers committed to developing energy efficient products that promote and encourage people to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

Featured: Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder, Nanoleaf

Michael HelanderOTI Lumionics Inc.

OTI Lumionics is working on unlocking the full potential of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting and displays through innovative equipment, materials and process technology. OTI Lumionics’ advanced manufacturing solutions for OLED lighting reduce cost, increase throughput and manufacturing flexibility, and improve device performance.

Featured: Michael Helander, President and CEO, OTI Lumionics

Michael SerbinisLEAGUE

LEAGUE, a tenant of the MaRS Centre, is a personal digital health and wellness platform with a mission to give everyone the power to take control of their health and live happier—every day. With mobile iOS, Android, and web apps, LEAGUE connects users with the best preventative health professionals to achieve health and wellness goals.

Featured: Michael Serbinis, Founder and CEO, LEAGUE

Kelly ShawOoka Island

Ooka Island combines 25 years of research and scientifically proven teaching methods to create an adaptive learning platform to teach children the skills needed to read. Through an interactive learning adventure, the program continually analyzes a child’s progress and creates a personalized path towards mastery of the five foundational reading skills.

Featured: Kelly Shaw, CEO, Ooka Island

Karl MartinNymi

The Nymi is the first wearable authentication technology that allows you to take control of your identity through cardiac rhythm recognition. Authenticate once and remain authenticated until the wristband is removed. Move beyond passwords, PINs and locks, and interact with the technology that fills your daily life, with proximity detection and task-based gesture control.

Featured: Karl Martin, Founder and CEO, Nymi


eSight develops intelligent eyewear that enables people with low vision or legal blindness to actually see. Consisting of a headset, a special prescription lens frame and a controller, the company’s digital eyewear uses an advanced high-resolution video camera to capture what the wearer is looking at, then delivers the videostream to the controller, which digitally optimizes it and projects it onto two LED screens inside the eyewear.

Studio Y fellows

The video also features two fellows from cohort 2 of Studio Y, MaRS’ leadership and innovation academy for young people aged 18-29:

Eden HagosEden Hagos

Eden Hagos is an entrepreneur on a mission to transform the way you experience food. She is the founder of BlackFoodie, an online platform that spotlights the best of African, Caribbean, and Southern cuisine from around the world. BlackFoodie is the one-stop shop for food lovers who crave more than just a delicious meal but also a unique cultural experience.

Randell AdjeiRandell Adjei (voiceover)

Randell Adjei is a Toronto-born arts practitioner, facilitator and “artivist” who uses spoken word to inspire and engage through the power of “edutainment.” Adjei is the founder of Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere (R.I.S.E) Edutainment, a community-based organization that specializes in creating positive platforms for young artists to express themselves.

Scott BakerThis video was shot and produced by Scott Baker of Adjacent Possibilities, a creative agency situated at the intersection of art and technology innovation. Scott is a former Studio Y fellow.