Please let us know if you are raising funds during Spring 2019, how much you’re seeking, and what you plan to use it for. We will list your information here so our investor network is aware of your needs.

The following companies in the MaRS Cleantech network are looking for financing during Winter 2018/19. If you would like to receive more information about a venture for the purpose of investing, please contact Alexandra Zakreski at


Aerialytic is an object API for aerial and satellite imagery to provide large scale data analytics solutions for renewable energy, home improvement, insurance and government sectors. The company is leveraging artificial intelligence to strategically impact industries that would benefit from instant aerial analyses to enhance their sales process, simplify operations and increase revenue. Aerialytic’s technology is automating the residential solar design process to amplify adoption and decrease costs per acquisition.

Round: Pre-Seed
Amount: $650,000
Use: For sales and technical support staff, founder salaries, data costs, marketing, and operations support.

AOMS Technologies

AOMS Technologies develops specialty fiber-optic sensors for harsh environments where conventional sensors fail or lose performance. Backed by over a decade of research and development, the company has invented a series of powerful technologies that change the landscape of sensing in applications where accurate, high-fidelity, and reliable measurement of data is paramount. Target customers include those in energy, environmental services, clean technology, structural health monitoring, automotive, aerospace, and defense.

Round: Series A
Amount: $3.5M
Use: Accelerating growth in sales in new vertical markets.

Bishop Water Technologies

Bishop Water Technologies provides a full suite of sludge management products including chemical conditioning equipment, flocculants and coagulants, Biocord Reactors for biological wastewater treatment and Geotube® Technology for shoreline protection and solids consolidation applications.

Round: Series A
Amount: $2M
Use: The company is looking to expand its distribution network in the United States and Latin America and build its project management teams.


CaSA – for Connected adhoc Smart Appliances – is a Canadian leader in Advanced Demand Response and residential Distributed Energy Resources. CaSA develops and manufactures its own line of consumer hardware for space heating, water heating, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as well as OEM integration. CaSA unlocks the value of the truly Smart Home for consumers and empowers electricity distributors with a cyber-secure and AI-enabled aggregation suite for demand-side management program: the Smart Home for the Smart Grid.

Round: Seed
Amount: $2M (Mix of debt & equity)
Use: Commercialization to utilities (of aggregation technology) and ramping up of B2C commercialization efforts (for consumer products).


CircuitMeter has developed groundbreaking electrical energy submetering hardware, integrated with its Big Data and cloud-based CircuitMonitoring enterprise software. The company’s advanced energy analytics represent a major step forward compared to current practices. Its software can identify unnecessary and inefficient equipment usage at the circuit level, enabling users to better manage their consumption and reduce costs.

Round: Series A
Amount: $5-7M
Use: Growth capital.

Clear Blue Technologies

Clear Blue Technologies develops hardware and software that combine the power of clean energy with the proven advantages of communications and cloud technology to deliver high-performance off-grid power. The company’s Smart Off-Grid Hybrid Controller harvests energy from solar panels and a wind turbine to power off-grid applications, including streetlights, security solutions and mobile signage.

Round: Scaling Equity (Strategic)
Amount: $5M
Use: To scale the company.


Evoco Ltd. markets and sells its renewable technology under the branding of Bounce. Bounce creates innovative and novel high-performance biomaterials including renewable polyurethanes with a greater than 50 per cent bio-content. Evoco plans to produce and commercialize 100 per cent renewable resins and end product formulations for various verticals and product line categories while still maintaining features and specifications comparable to petroleum based products currently used. Market opportunities have been identified in footwear, consumer goods, advanced medical equipment, seating, bedding, automotive and aerospace industries.

Round: Series A
Amount: $1-3M
Use: Funding various growth initiatives with a focus on global expansion.

Forward Water Technologies

Forward Water Technologies is an independent company that is dedicated to the commercialization of its proprietary forward osmosis technology. Forward Water was founded by GreenCentre Canada and is rooted on a platform technology discovered at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Forward Water’s technology can simultaneously reduce the volume of challenging waste streams that have extraordinarily high levels of dissolved salts while at the same time return fresh water for re-use or surface release. The entire process is driven using relatively low energy inputs.

Round: Series A
Amount: $3M
Use: The company is completing a $2M field pilot in the summer of 2019. It is seeking funds to build a commercial sales pipeline with current partners, enter new markets, and have operating capital on hand to support growth efforts.


GHGSat’s vision is to become the global standard for the monitoring of GHG emissions from industrial facilities. The company offers monitoring services to industrial operators and other customers using proprietary satellite and aircraft technologies, and does so at a fraction of the cost and with much higher precision than many ground- and space-based methods. Starting in 2016 with its first satellite – GHGSat-D, or “Claire” – the company has attracted significant interest from oil and gas, power generation, waste management, coal mining and agricultural customers.

Round: Series B
Amount: USD $40M
Use: To scale up GHGSat’s system to full operation (including bulk deployment of 10 new satellites & five new aircraft sensors by 2021). To scale up analytics from regional focus to international scale, and build out sales & marketing (including aggressive push in oil & gas, expand international presence, and further develop VAR network).

Hygge Energy

Hygge Energy offers access to affordable electricity through its cloud-based Microgrid as a Service (MaaS) platform. The platform harnesses the power of IoT and artificial intelligence to offer microgrid developers improved operational efficiency and reduced costs. Meanwhile, Hygge Energy’s blockchain peer-to-peer trading platform improves the payment and settlement process with enhanced privacy. Incubated within Tech Mahindra, Hygge Energy has already signed 500 communities in India to their asset-light platform, demonstrating potential for rapid growth.

Round: Series A
Amount: $8M
Use: To develop an edge blockchain computing gateway for a very specific use case that the company is working on; to develop two existing MVPs for commercialization and integration with our blockchain gateway, and to manage cash flow for existing projects.
Website: N/A

Island Water Technologies

Island Water Technologies is a wastewater technology company that has developed and is now commercializing two products: REGEN and SENTRY. Its REGEN solution is a unique single-pass treatment process designed for low-complexity, high performance wastewater treatment. Using an advanced fixed-film approach, it removes key contaminants while consuming a fraction of the energy of competing solutions. SENTRY is a proprietary bio-electrode sensor technology for anaerobic biodigesters that lets operators monitor systems and predict “upset” events in real time.

Round: Series A
Amount: $2.5M
Use: The company has recently validated its SENTRY bio-electrode sensor platform with a commercial launch in May and a growing sales pipeline. It will focus sales growth efforts for SENTRY on deployments across North America and Europe.

Livestock Water Recycling

LWR creates value for the food production industry by reducing the expense and environmental impact of waste liquids. This innovative treatment technology offers food producers a return on their investment with optimized production, maximum yields, and alternative revenue sources, with minimal environmental impact. Its 20+ years of wastewater experience has culminated in a disruptive water treatment system that recovers value from manure and bio liquids and produces clean, reusable water.

Round: Series A
Amount: $6M
Use: To scale up with a focus on product development and continued innovation. The company will use these funds as capital to complete order backlog, increase direct sales, expand its distribution network, and strengthen the management team. It will also direct some of the funds to further develop its data analytics subscription program, machine learning-based automation, and organic flocculant.

Mirexus Biotechnologies

Mirexus enables the promise of nanotechnology by extracting a natural monodisperse nanomaterial from non-GMO corn. Aside from being safe and natural, Mirexus’ platform material (PhytoSpherix) shows an intriguing variety of unique properties that are highly sought after and valued in many markets. A small amount can add functionality as a moisturizer, stabilizer, film former or delivery vehicle.

Round: Series A (Supplemental)
Amount: $4M
Use: To accelerate research on pharmaceutical applications of its nanomaterial.

Polar Sapphire

Polar Sapphire uses an innovative and environmentally friendly process that conserves energy and prevents waste to purify and manufacture aluminum oxide powder (alumina), used for manufacturing products such as LED substrates and lithium-ion battery separators.

Round: Growth equity
Amount: $30M
Use: To build a factory to make high purity alumina (HPA) from the patented process developed on the company’s pilot line.

RockMass Technologies

Rockmass Technologies provides a fast, accurate and intuitive tool for collecting and processing data to validate the stability of tunnels and benches in mines and road cuts.

Round: Seed
Amount: USD $1.5M
Use: To build a predictable and scaleable sales process within the North American market, and hire additional technical team members.

Surgically Clean Air

Surgically Clean Air (SCA) is quickly becoming a market leader in the high end, commercial, premium indoor air purification industry. SCA has developed premium air cleaning solutions to help a range of businesses improve their indoor air quality to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism. SCA products offer superior air cleaning through sophisticated filtration systems, high volume air flow capacity and lower sound levels than any other premium air cleaner that is readily available on the market today. Over 10,000 dental professionals are currently enjoying SCA along with professional sports teams and many other commercial businesses.

Round: Series A
Amount: $2M
Use: For scaling the business (expanding sales team, marketing and PR, expanding management team), inventory, R&D.


Swirltex builds wastewater treatment systems for a wide range of applications. Swirltex’s patented process manipulates the buoyancy of different contaminants within the liquid stream and creates a distinctive flow pattern inside a tubular membrane to channel aerated solids and other buoyant materials away from the membrane. This process produces high volumes of clean, consistent water for environmental discharge or reuse applications. Swirltex is targeting municipal and industrial lagoons to help meet environmental compliance, increase lagoon capacity and provide water reuse capabilities.

Round: Seed (Bridge)
Amount: $3.3M
Use: Debt to build three Swirltex Lagoon Units to generate revenue in the water re-use space in Alberta. Equity to increase runway and further develop the technology.


SynerTrack’s mission is to provide clients with smart, simple solutions to meet the challenge of excess soil management. To this end, SynerTrack recently announced the development of its new automation product, SoilFLO. SynerTrack understands the costs and complexities of dealing with excess soil in an increasingly regulated environment and set about to find a cost-effective solution to address the situation.

Round: Seed
Amount: $750,000 to 1.5M
Use: For enhancements to existing software platform and on-boarding; to bring programming in-house, hire sales professional, create marketing material, attend conferences, and expand BD efforts in new jurisdictions.


TransPod’s goal is to disrupt and redefine commercial transportation between major cities in developed and emerging markets. The startup was founded in 2015 to build the world’s leading hyperloop system to connect people, cities, and businesses with high-speed transportation that is affordable and environmentally sustainable. TransPod’s system enables passenger and cargo travel that is faster than airline travel, creating an attractive choice for consumers, a high-potential investment opportunity for infrastructure investors, and a reliable mass transportation system.

Round: Series A
Amount: $50M
Use: For funding R&D activities to develop and test TransPod hyperloop technology. The money will be spent both in Europe and Canada.

VeloMetro Mobility

VeloMetro Mobility is an electric velomobile manufacturer and vehicle-sharing service provider based out of Vancouver, Canada. The company rents enclosed, electric-assisted velomobiles, called a Veemo, in a one-way, dockless sharing model with rates by the minute. The vehicles do not require a driver’s licence to ride and can be operated on bicycle paths as well as standard roadways.

Round: Growth equity
Amount: $9.5M
Use: VeloMetro has validated its product-market fit with a Veemo pilot of five enclosed, electric-assist trikes. It is raising funds to launch its first commercial fleet in Vancouver. The company is working with a Chinese contract manufacturer to build the tooling and assembly line, and plans to build and operate a 500-vehicle shared mobility fleet.


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