Part of the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops series, MaRS is offering “Introduction to Leadership, a workshop for entrepreneurs on how to identify and analyze key leadership skills and traits, on October 23.

Companies innovate in many ways in order to improve their results. They improve manufacturing processes, change marketing tactics and implement new technologies, all in the hope of seeing improved results in efficiency, production and sales.

Engaging your team through leadership is another method that is available to help your company get great results. As an entrepreneur, one of your goals should be to build a strong, stable team. Understanding your leadership style and skills is a critical step in achieving this goal.

What is your leadership style? Aggressive? Team player?
What is your leadership style? Aggressive? Team player?

10 leadership skills every leader should have

Zenger Folkman identifies the following 10 leadership skills as the ones most needed to be a great leader.

A great leader should:

  • be a visionary;
  • inspire and motivate;
  • display integrity and honesty;
  • solve problems tenaciously;
  • drive for results;
  • listen and speak powerfully and prolifically;
  • prioritize constantly;
  • promote collaboration and teamwork;
  • build relationships; and
  • display emotional intelligence.

Of these 10 traits, the one that may be least broadly known is emotional intelligence. Sometimes referred to as EQ, emotional intelligence is made up of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. Proficiency in these areas is key for leadership that gets results.

How to identify your leadership style

Consider the following questions.

  • In what workplace situations should you be commanding?
  • How do you demonstrate democratic decision-making?
  • Which skills will help you promote collaboration and teamwork in a startup environment where workers are faced with constant re-prioritization?

Fine-tuning your leadership skills will give you the agility to use the right skill in the right circumstance.

Are you an entrepreneur? Sign up for our Leadership Workshop

By understanding your own leadership style and skills, you will be able to coach your team to results they may not otherwise attain. MaRS is offering a workshop for entrepreneurs on how to identify and analyze key leadership skills and traits. Join us for Introduction to Leadership on October 23, 2015. Register here.

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