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February 27: MaRS Mornings with Jason Sparaga of Spark Power

MaRS Mornings is a monthly breakfast series that celebrates creative founders in the innovation community. Join us as Jason Sparaga taps into his experience as co-founder, co-CEO and COO of Spark Power Corp to offer insights on the energy industry.

February 28: How AR is Shaping our Reality with Dr. Helen Papagiannis

World-leading AI expert Dr. Helen Papagianni, joined by Autodesk experts Ian Hooper and Sarah Nason, will explore how AI is evolving, where the opportunities are, and where it’s headed. A free copy of Dr. Papagiannis’ new book, Augmented Human, is included with registration.

March 8: Cleantech and AI: Next-Generation Applications for Energy, Agriculture and Mining

Can machine intelligence reduce the impact of our growing human footprint? Join us as we explore how AI is breathing life into the way we manage our natural resources — from feeding the world more sustainably to reducing the environmental impacts of mining, energy production and power generation.

March 20: Future of Energy: Taking the Digital Leap

Digital technologies are transforming the energy industry. Are you ready?

March 22: Educational Leadership for the Innovation Economy

This one-day workshop will help leaders in the education sector guide their institutions into the innovation economy.

April 9 to 13: Toronto Health Innovation Week 2018

Check out more than 30 events, including the HealthKick Investor Summit and RESI on MaRS.

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