Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and MaRS Discovery District are pleased to announce a new partnership to collaborate and grow high-impact, globally-competitive clean technology companies.

The partnership will help high-potential Canadian companies connect with global market opportunities, share information on priority international markets and highlight the work of leading Canadian companies in the field. SDTC’s funding and support to companies complements MaRS Discovery District’s skills development programming.

“Partnering with MaRS will allow start-ups and SMEs to more efficiently access the key ingredients to scale their business and access international markets, where our goal is to see a $50 billion Canadian clean technology industry by 2022.” said David Harris Kolada, Vice President, Alliances & Market Development, SDTC.

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About Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) funds Canadian cleantech projects and coaches the companies that lead them as they move their ground breaking technologies through development and demonstration stages to market. SDTC’s support of cleantech translates into jobs, growth and export opportunities for Canadian companies, as well as economic, environmental and health benefits for all Canadians.  SDTC is independent but it doesn’t work alone. A big part of the organization’s role is building and sustaining networks of partners and stakeholders from private industry, academia and governments, at home and abroad. SDTC operates at arm’s length and receives funding from the Government of Canada.