Data Catalyst - InnovationHere at Data Catalyst, we are strong supporters of data exploration, utilization and innovation. That’s why, every few months, we profile an organization that is using data as a core part of their business.

Startups in the innovation economy are prime examples of companies using data in more and more interesting ways to deliver novel services and products. This month, Hubba shares some of the philosophy behind their product.

Tell us a little bit about your company and your product/service.

At Hubba, we take a big data approach to ensuring that shoppers get the information they need to turn them into buyers. Our platform gives brands, retailers and third-party developers unprecedented insight into what consumers care about and then allows them to deliver unique product stories across all digital channels. In addition to curating the Internet’s richest product data set, Hubba is able to capture unique insights into the relationships between brands, retailers and consumers.

Tell us a little bit about you—the people who make up your company.

Hubba’s CEO Ben Zifkin and CTO Inbae Ahn have worked together for 11 years spanning four different companies. Ben has spent the last decade helping some of the world’s largest organizations leverage technology to meet their business goals. Prior to Hubba, Ben founded Axsium Group, which was recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies before being acquired.

Since 2001, Inbae has been working with clients to build technology to solve complex problems. Prior to Hubba, Inbae founded Tower 10 Software, a mobile application company dedicated to helping the biomedical industry improve lives. In addition to leading the development team at Hubba, Inbae is an active advisor to other technology startups in Toronto—his personal mission is to make Toronto a world-class technology hub.

The rest of Hubba comprises enterprise software veterans, innovative user experience specialists and a killer sales and marketing team.

Explain the intersection of data and the work that your company does. How is data important to your work?

At Hubba, smart data and big data is the essence of what we do. We think today’s data flow is a game of broken telephone and we aim to fix that. Hubba is designed to revolutionize the way data is curated, delivered, used and measured on the web. It is central to every design decision we make.

What are you doing with data that others may not be doing? What kind of impact are you having on Ontario’s (and Canada’s) data landscape?

We transform the way data is shared. Hubba puts the control of curating data in the hands of subject matter experts and allows parties that benefit from each other’s data to find and share with each other. Hubba fundamentally changes the way we find information and conduct business.

What are your thoughts about the emergence of data as an important part of decision-making and economic growth?

Data has always been an important part of decision-making and economic growth—even before computing. A farmer’s almanac is a pre-computer-age example of the utility of data in decision-making and its implications on economic growth. Data availability has never been the problem. Data is abundant, too abundant in fact. The problem lies in how to make the data truthful, meaningful and universally accessible. These are exactly the problems Hubba solves.

Where can we learn a bit more about what you do and your work with data?

You can visit our website at to learn more about what we do or follow us on Twitter @hubba.