Data Catalyst - OpenEarlier this month, the Ontario government launched a new look at focused on making government more accessible to the residents of the province. Part of the refresh was the launch of an open data portal where the government will be sharing its data under a new licence and in a more accessible way.

The portal is still in its early days—we at Data Catalyst will be working with the Government of Ontario to add more high-value data sets to the site as they become available.

We’re hoping, in the next few months, to help convene the province’s data community and innovators and put them in conversation with the government to make sure that the data sets they release are valuable and usable. We’re also going to work hard to help innovators take advantage of the data sets to build new solutions—and feature some of those solutions and services here.

We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions on what should come next and how the portal should evolve; we’ll be sure to pass them along to the people who are guiding its trajectory.

Across the web, many people were excited and intrigued by the launch of the new data space at Here’s a look at some of the conversation that took place in the days immediately following the launch of the Ontario open data portal: