EXCITE Evidentiary Bundle

The EXCITE Core Evidentiary Bundle includes:

  • a clinical trial/ field evaluation involving human patients that studies safety, efficacy, and clinical utility of the health technology
  • a systematic review that critically appraises relevant research and data from other studies that to understand the relative effectiveness of a technology, and how it compares with other similar technologies
  • an economic analysis that examines the cost effectiveness of the technology and potential associated cost savings to the system
  • a human factors review that assesses the stage and quality of the human factors analysis that has been completed, a new requirement for regulatory approval
  • a conditions of adoption report to inform the needed changes to health system infrastructure required to adopt the technology at scale

Additional EXCITE offerings

Upon request, EXCITE offers the following additional programs:

  • Analysis of barriers to uptake
  • Patient preference analyses
  • Human factors and usability assessments
  • Programs to train end users
  • Longitudinal registry studies to evaluate the performance of the technology (including safety) once adopted by the health system

Are you ready to build the evidence needed to prove the value of your technology? Applications to EXCITE are accepted throughout the year. Please visit the “How to Apply to EXCITE” page for more details.