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Service coming soon: Technology appraisal; Service coming soon: Protocol design consultation; Now available: Implementation navigation.

New Service: Implementation Navigation

Created for later stage companies that have already attained regulatory approval for their technology, this service focuses on identifying a pathway to market access in Ontario.


  • Engages key system stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health and related agency staff, to explore opportunities to incorporate the technology into Ontario’s health system by identifying upfront all relevant systemic barriers that could slow down adoption and uptake
  • Provides the company and Ministry of Health with a comprehensive market access plan detailing barriers, opportunities and potential implementation pathways
  • Helps companies better understand how their technology aligns to Ontario’s health system priorities and what evidence they need to meet health system decision making requirements
  • Industry is a key collaborator in this process
  • Exposure of technology, its potential value and market access pathway to senior leaders in the medtech ecosystem through interaction with the EXCITE Management Board

You Receive:

Based on your needs, a tailored plan will be developed and could include:

  • In-person design sessions with all relevant stakeholders together, including the Ministry of Health and other health system decision makers, that influence the uptake of your technology
  • A robust list of relevant risks and opportunities that your technology would face in navigating the Ontario market
  • A comprehensive, co-created market access plan detailing the technology’s value to the health system and potential implementation pathways in Ontario
  • An opportunity to present, in collaboration with EXCITE, your technology’s business case for market access to the EXCITE Management Board

Is Your Company Eligible?

If the following criteria are met, you may be eligible for our Implementation Navigation service:

  • Later stage company with a Health Canada approved technology
  • Existing robust clinical and economic evidence dossier
  • Your class of technology faces significant systemic barriers to being implemented in Ontario

How It Works

The Implementation Navigation process is customized to your company’s unique needs. For a tailored consultation and a determination of the scope of work and fees, submit an Expression of Interest form.

If a decision is made to proceed, legal agreements are put in place and your company provides any additional information about the technology needed to begin the Implementation Navigation process.

EXCITE convenes in-person implementation working group meetings that focus on mitigating barriers to adoption of your technology. These groups include the Ontario Ministry of Health, clinical experts, industry leaders, and other key stakeholders relevant to market access decision-making. After identifying the specific hurdles your technology could face, EXCITE works with you to create a market access plan that indicates the best options for navigating the health system. By engaging the entire health system early on, the Implementation Navigation process increases the likelihood of successful market access.

The findings of the working sessions are synthesized into a market access report that includes an overview of the technology, its clinical indications, determinants of adoption, and implementation pathway recommendations. This report is provided to your company and the Ministry of Health.

View the Implementation Navigation Process


A customized quote will be provided based on scope of work.

How to Apply

Service engagements are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Download our Expression of Interest form and submit it to excite@marsdd.com. Our team will contact you within two business days.

EXCITE Modular: Implementation Navigation Expression of Interest Form

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MaRS recognizes your need for privacy.  By submitting personal information to MaRS, you agree to our collection and use of such personal information to keep a record of the applicants to the EXCITE program and contact them with updates as we assess each application. MaRS will keep the personal information secure and only use or disclose it for the purposes identified above or as required by law.