The Canadian Institute of Health Research eHealth Innovations Initiative (eHII) is a multi-phase initiative that aims to enhance health outcomes and health care delivery, through the implementation, evaluation, and health system scale-up of eHealth innovations that contribute to evidence-based, client-centered, cost-effective solutions. The purpose of eHII is to:

  • Develop, integrate and evaluate, in collaboration with stakeholders, eHealth innovations that will improve the quality of outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of patient and population-centered care; and
  • Increase Canada’s competitive position in the health-related information and communication technology (ICT) industry.

The eHealth initiative will use an integrated science approach that incorporates consideration of ethical, legal and social implications, as well as end users’ perception of the value and usability of the eHealth innovation as it pertains to their care. The evaluation of social impacts of new technologies at a community and health system level will also consider equitably shared benefits so that certain groups are not disadvantaged and risks are proportional to benefits.

What is eHIPP?

The first phase of eHII is the eHealth Innovation Partnership Program (eHIPP), a collaborative funding program designed to create a new generation of cost-effective patient- and population-centered health care solutions by supporting partnerships between Canadian technology companies and ‘innovation communities’ to co-develop and integrate innovative e-health solutions that deliver real-world health care value. Through the formation of these partnerships, eHIPP will support pragmatic trials of new eHealth technologies in health-care innovation community test beds that have the capacity and interest to integrate eHealth innovations into real-world service delivery (e.g. hospitals, communities, school boards/post-secondary institutions).


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