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The American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting (APA) will be held in Toronto Saturday, May 16 -20, 2015 at the Metro Convention Centre.  Attendees are invited to meet Assurex Health at the GeneSight product theater, during the poster sessions, and in the exhibitor hall.

Dr. Chris Bojrab will be presenting “Next Generation Pharmacogenomics: Moving beyond Mendel” at the product theatre, while Assurex Health’s poster presentation will focus on the health care utilization and medication costs in patients receiving psychiatric combinatorial pharmacogenomics testing.

The Annual Meeting is designed for all mental health professionals and advocates including practicing, administrative, and consultative psychiatrists, researcher and educators of psychiatry, residents, and students.

About Genesight:
GeneSight helps healthcare providers make more precise treatment decisions based on how a patient’s unique genetic makeup affects their individual response to 38 FDA-approved medications for depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other mental health conditions. GeneSight is the only neuropsychiatric combinatorial pharmacogenomic test validated in multiple, peer-reviewed, published clinical studies. GeneSight analyzes over 785,000 permutations of an individual’s genes and available medications, and presents the results in an easy to read, color-coded report available typically within 36 hours after Assurex Health receives a patient’s cheek swab. Learn more at