The Value of EXCITE

EXCITE provides value for multiple stakeholders.



  • Mitigated risk related to product development, evidence generation and ultimate market uptake
  • Access to payers, expert clinicians and scientific methodologists
  • Exploration of conditions related to successful adoption within Ontario in parallel with evidence generation
  • Early socialization of technology among relevant stakeholders
  • Coordinated and harmonized clinical trial protocol development that meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, including regulators and payers



  • Expedited access to world-class innovative technologies
  • Upstream identification of breakthrough health technologies that demonstrate high potential to improve patient outcomes and/or health system efficiencies
  • Early awareness of innovative technologies allowing longer lead time to plan downstream integration into existing care pathways
  • Ability to articulate endpoints of relevance and influence protocol development
  • Active participant in collaborative implementation planning for system uptake and adoption



  • Early engagement with system stakeholders provides important insight on the technology’s potential market traction, helping de-risk investment decisions
  • Evaluation through the EXCITE process is based on protocol design relevant to both regulatory and reimbursement bodies, eliminating the serial nature of evidence generation
  • Companies engage their customer base at the pre-adoption stage, ensuring that their product is useful, thereby promoting more rapid uptake by clinicians, patients and the broader health system