Future of Government

Governments around the world are facing increasingly complex challenges with decreasing public resources. These challenges come at a time when our economy, society and environment are being fundamentally transformed.

Traditional government structures are no longer fit to meet the demands of the 21st century. Now more than ever before, we need a government that makes use of new technologies and the growing capacity for problem-solving in society. Governments cannot solve these challenges on their own. People are better educated, more informed and well-connected. And they want to be engaged. The collective challenge we now face is: “How can governments develop solutions with society not just for society?”

Responsive governments need to innovate. We need to change the public systems we have created so successfully over the last 150 years. This starts with governments becoming more open. We need governments to increase transparency and accountability. And engage in dialogue with citizens in order to increase both the quality and legitimacy of decision-making processes. Above all, we need governments that collaborate with the public to create new or better solutions for the challenges we face as a society.

For these reasons, MaRS Solutions Lab is working on the Future of Government, helping to redesign public services. We help to build capacity for change inside government, along with outside organizations that work closely with government. Our current initiatives include work on government innovation labs, Ontario’s developmental services and a learning community for change-makers in public service.