Future of Work & Learning

The nature of work and the workplace are changing rapidly. These changes are driven by structural economic changes in Canada and around the world, combined with shifting societal expectations and emerging technologies. Within this context, one of the most pressing issues is that of increasing youth unemployment around the world.

In Canada, we continue to see economic stimulus solutions to create new jobs in specific sectors, with seemingly little relation to where the actual job seekers are.┬áMany business leaders in Canada have pointed to the systemic skills mismatch as the core problem, saying that we are either training youth for the wrong jobs or that youth graduating from schools are not ‘job-ready’. Economists point to the regional and industry sector growth and productivity differences. Labour researchers, on the other hand, point to the persistent lack of investment in workplace training and technology by the Canadian business sector.

The Future of Work and Learning is highly complex and unpredictable. To move forward will require bold experimentation among all sectors, with individual citizens at the centre.