Opportunity For All Youth

Employer Coalition to Tackle Youth Unemployment


Nearly one million young Canadians (aged 15-29) are neither in school nor working. Of these opportunity youth, 391,000 are actively seeking jobs. At the same time, 30% of businesses in Canada cannot find the talent they need. How might we bridge the gap between Canada’s largest untapped source of talent and employers seeking talents from new sources and in new ways?


The Opportunity For All Youth initiative aims to fundamentally improve opportunities for youth by setting a collective goal of providing meaningful employment and job training to 100,000 Canadian youth who face barriers to entering the workforce.

Such a goal requires a collective effort, at a national scale, of committed employers working closely with job training service providers, governments and foundations on hiring, retention and progression of youth who are job-ready but who lack access to opportunity.

Opportunity For All Youth is an employer-led, national effort to hire this population of youth by learning together, scaling what works, piloting new approaches, sharing this with other employers, and growing the movement. Closing the opportunity divide creates pathways for opportunity youth while meeting critical business needs and strengthening Canada’s economy.

There are three current workstreams to achieve this objective:

  • Support and scale successful recruiting and hiring practices
  • Build career ladders that connect entry level roles into career development
  • Data collection and sharing among coalition employers


The goal of Opportunity For All Youth is for 40,000 youth to be hired by coalition employers over the next 5 years, and for 60,000 youth to enter into training. If you’d like to receive updates on our progress, sign up here. If you’d like to get involved, please email .

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You can learn more about the initiative at the Opportunity For All Youth website.