Polar Sapphire
CEO: Scott Nichol
Sector: Cleantech
Sub-sector: Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing
Year founded: 2012
Website: www.polarsapphire.com

Polar Sapphire uses an innovative and environmentally friendly process that conserves energy and prevents waste to purify and manufacture aluminum oxide powder (alumina). High-purity aluminum oxide is used as a feedstock for manufacturing many products, including sapphire crystals, which are employed as substrates in the rapidly growing LED market. Other applications include high-purity engineered ceramics, polishing applications and abrasion-resistant coatings. The market for high-purity alumina was near 14,000 tonnes in 2013 and is expected to grow to 25,000 tones by 2015. Polar Sapphire’s high-margin and low-cost production method will ensure its position as the lowest cost and highest quality provider in the market.