CEO: Dennon Oosterman
Sector: Cleantech
Sub-sector: Recycling, Recovery and Remediation
Year founded: 2013

Renewable Design Technology was founded in December 2013 by Alex Kay, David Joyce and Dennon Oosterman with the aim of providing novel solutions to the maker community, educational market and general 3D design space. Their first product, ProtoCycler, is an all-in-one filament recycler unit for 3D printers. Using patent pending extrusion technology, ProtoCycler is able to produce 3DP filament at over 10 times the efficiency of the competition, from either virgin or recycled material. ProtoCycler is fully automatic, comes with a built-in grinder, and is pending UL safety and environmental certification. This ultimately breaks down the economic and environmental barriers associated with 3D printing, allowing truly unlimited creation.