Smarter Alloys
Founder and CEO: Ibraheem Khan
Sector: Cleantech
Sub-sector: Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing
Year founded: 2009

Smarter Alloys uses patented Multiple Memory Material (MMM) technology to make shape memory alloys (SMAs) smarter, lighter, more reliable, and capable of previously unimaginable functions. SMAs are materials that are capable of exhibiting both a shape memory (the ability to remember its shape at a certain temperature) and pseudoelasticity (the ability to turn back to its original shape after a force is applied—like a spring, for example). SMAs are widely used in the medical, aerospace, automotive, micro electro-mechanical systems and microelectronics industries. While traditional SMAs have been limited to only remembering a single shape, Smarter Alloys’ MMM technology, developed at the University of Waterloo, enables multiple memories to be embedded in a single component. Put simply, Smarter Alloys makes materials function more like machines. The technology can be applied to enhance any product currently using SMAs. For example, it can create auto parts that are lighter and smaller than current parts, with the result of reduced fuel consumption and fewer emissions.

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