WoodsCamp Inc
CEO: Alastair Jarvis
Sector: Cleantech
Sub-sector: Agriculture
Year founded: 2015
Website: www.woodscamp.com

While $23-billion worth of timber is bought and sold every year from small mom-and-pop woodlots in North America and Europe alone, the network of offline relationships that once made this market work is in the process of disintegrating as land passes down to a new generation of landowners. As a technology-powered timber brokerage, WoodsCamp.com more than triples the efficiency of wood procurement – moving the process from door knocking and kitchen table conversations to social networks and the web. The unprecedented transparency and efficiency of WoodsCamp’s solution is unlocking trapped value for landowners while delivering the hardest and most complex part of the forest industry’s supply chain at a lower marginal cost. This efficiency makes sustainable, partial harvesting economically feasible across the network of privately owned forests in a way that is impossible without it.